10 new teacher-led ESL listening activities

Off2Class is proud to announce the release of 10 new teacher-led ESL listening activities!

It’s been several weeks since we released our first ESL listening activities, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive! The positive reception with which our ESL listening activities have been met has motivated us to continue releasing more lessons. You can find our 10 new teacher-led ESL listening activities (LA011 to LA020here, in our lesson library.

This new instalment of lessons leads directly from where our first 10 left off. We’ve continued building up from an A1 / Beginner level, forward. Below is a brief summary of each new teacher-led ESL Listening Activity. We hope that you and your students get as much enjoyment from these lessons as ours do. Each lesson contains graded, authentic English speech with a variety of native English accents. Each teacher-led lessons also comes with an attached set of homework self-study, that builds directly off the lesson.

LA011 – There-Is-There-Are-In-My-City

In this lesson students will listen to native English speakers use there is and there are to describe what you can and can’t find in a city.

Teacher-Led ESL Listening Activities Teacher-Led ESL Listening Activities

LA012 – Some-A-Lot-Of-A-Couple-Of
In this lesson students listen to and answer questions related to an audio recording of two people discussing what they need on a weekly shopping trip. The lesson drills the use of a variety of expressions of quantity.

LA013 – Timetables-and-Schedules

In our timetables and schedules lesson, students have an opportunity to practice reading a train schedule and picking a movie based on a cinema schedule. The various forms of expressing time in the English language are explored and practiced.

LA014 – Present-Continuous-Answering-Machine
LA014 is our first of two listening activities that practice the present continuous to discuss things happening around now. In LA014 students listen to answering machine messages left on a person’s voicemail. Each answering machine message comes from a different speaker, using a different accent!

Teacher-Led ESL Listening Activities Teacher-Led ESL Listening Activities

LA015 – Present-Continuous-Making-Conversation

In the second of our present continuous listening activities, the students listening to people making small talk and a first-time conversation. In this lesson, a group of friends meets a new classmate at a BBQ and she discusses her personal story and history.

Teacher-Led ESL Listening Activities Teacher-Led ESL Listening Activities

LA016 – Want-Need-Have-To-Going-Shopping

In LAO16 we introduce the difference in use between the verbs want, need and have to in the context of going shopping (a busy professional buying new shirts for a business trip).

LA017 – This-That-These-Those-Making-Choices

In this lesson plan we examine the use of this/that/these/those + noun to make choices in everyday English. In the audio recording a young man is chatting with a shop assistant while choosing books for a birthday present.

LA018 – Can-And-Can’t-In-My-Town

In LA018, we allow students to compare how a North American, Australian and Briton pronounce can and can’t, before introducing two graded language recording that talk about the things you can and can’t do in your city.

Teacher-Led ESL Listening ActivitiesTeacher-Led ESL Listening Activities

LA019 – Nation-Nationality-Language

One of my personal favourites! We explore the ways to communicate nation, nationality and languages in the English language!

Teacher-Led ESL Listening Activities Teacher-Led ESL Listening Activities

LA020 – Past-Simple-To-Be

And finally, in LA020 we explore the different ways in which was and were sound in everyday English speech. In this lesson we use several different native English speakers who each explain how they felt at the end of a long day.

We hope you enjoy our 10 new Teacher-Led ESL Listening Activities. We’re going to continue developing this lesson series by moving up to the Elementary and Intermediate levels. Let us know if you have suggestions for our next release!

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