Listening Activities for Elementary A2 students

Off2Class is pleased to release our next 5 Listening Activities for Elementary A2 students:

As you know, exposure to authentic graded speech in context promotes proficiency and keeps motivation high for Elementary A2 students. Listening to authentic speech is sometimes challenging, though most students are willing to listen again and again until they obtain a feel for a new grammar point or group of words.

Below is a quick overview of each of the 5 Listening Activities for Elementary A2 students. Each lesson is backed up with Homework Activities that use the same recordings and allow the student to listen at his or her own pace, while completing a deeper understanding of the speech. Naturally, the exercises in the Homework Activities build on what is covered in each lesson, but promote for a better understanding of the words in context.

Here’s a summary of the content in our new Listening Activities for Elementary A2 students:

LA106 – have-to-and-must-obligation-and-necessity

In this lesson we expose students to the pronunciation of have to and has to in everyday natural speech. We also look at the differences that exist between the use of have to and must, especially between British and North American speakers.

Elementary-A2-students Elementary-A2-students

LA107 – multiword-verbs-using-common-prepositional-verbs

Prepositional verbs are absolutely everywhere in English and so it’s vital to expose students to prepositions as soon as possible. Many teachers seem to introduce prepositions only when dealing with time and place, but why not start with commonly used verbs, such as listen to, which almost always takes a preposition?

LA108 – object-pronouns-after-verbs-and-prepositions

Again, in this lesson we examine verbs that commonly take prepositions, and of course most prepositions naturally take an object. This lesson works as a nice complement to LA107, and it’s also useful as a refresher for students about to focus on multiword or phrasal verbs.

Elementary-A2-students Elementary-A2-students

LA109 – indefinite-pronouns-everyone-everybody-everything

The indefinite pronouns everyone, everybody and everywhere may need to be covered regularly for students, since many fail to provide the correct agreement with the verb. We also look at how their has entered everyday spoken English, in order to refer back to these pronouns and make English gender-neutral!

LA110 – would-like-polite-offers-and-requests

Teaching polite forms at an early stage is essential. Few people respond well to want in a request, so it’s good practice to give your students exposure to would like and ’d like as quickly as possible – it’s a structure that’s obligatory for anyone who wants service with a smile in the English-speaking world!

Elementary-A2-students Elementary-A2-students

We hope that you and your students enjoy our Listening Activities for Elementary A2 students!

As we expand our listening activities to more advanced levels, let us know if you have any requests for specific lessons.

Maybe you have an idea for a listening activity at the Pre-Intermediate level? Advanced? Let us know!

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